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You NEED this Korean Sunscreen for oily skin

Have you already heard about Korean Beauty? This trend is everywhere. You’ve probably been searching for certain Korean products for your skin, and I do understand you. That’s why I’m talking here today about an amazing item I bought recently, FOR REAL. This is my first Korean Sunscreen for oily skin, and I’m already in love

Pic: The Face Shop

First of all, I have to be honest with you, I’ve never bought anything like this before, not even on Amazon or eBay as I did this time. But I have no regrets with the results, and I definitely would do it again

Shall we start with the review? I guarantee that you’ll get an honest opinion. 


A very soft Korean Sunscreen for oily skin

Having an oily or combination skin is a real issue. You want to find a product that won’t turn your face into a french fry. I feel you, sis.

My skin is a combination type since I have very oily points in my T-zone and in my chin, which always causes me trouble.

That’s why, whenever I buy certain products, especially sunscreen, I’m very meticulous. But I’ve failed many times, just like you probably have too. Just as an example, my last sunscreen was ok, but it was still kind of greasy, and I hate that feeling, who wants to feel that in the face, right? 

It’s not the same a glowy skin that a greasy skin, we always try to find an item that gives us a little glow, but not OIL. And this day, my wishes came true. At least with my first step in this Korean beauty routine intend.

Finally, I found a very soft product, that dries fast and that won’t let you a sticky feeling. That’s a WIN for oily skin.

Are you ready for the WINNER product I’m talking about?


The Face Shop: Clean Face – Korean Sun Cream for Oily Skin

I’m talking about the Clean FaceSunscreen Cream from The Face Shop. 

The texture of this cream is simply amazing, a 10/10. It’s not heavy at all, and it leaves your skin very smooth. 

This sunscreen doesn’t have any color, so if you’re looking for a colored one, you should try another item from the brand (there are lots on their website). However, I love the fact that this lotion works as a soft moisturizer and it helps you vanish any awkward redness. 

I’ve been using it as a primer too, because this cream helps you balance your skin color better, with no strange patches in your face. I could tell you that for me, this sun cream has more than one function.

In conclusion, this product doesn’t work just as simple sun cream, but as a soft moisturizer, a primer and something that you NEED now in your daily must-have.


Korean Sunscreen: Better than Western ones?

I haven’t tried all the sunscreens on the Western side of the world, I actually just know a few from LatinAmerica ‘cause I just know 2 countries (Venezuela and Peru). But, in my opinion, with this product, I realized that Korea is winning a lot of points in skincare, and this is just the beginning for me.

My advice to you is that you need to do proper research before buying any Korean cosmetics. Remember that these are easy to copycat, and the idea is to have a top qualified product, not cheap crap.

And last, but not least, I bought this item on eBay, but I checked with many details the seller’s reputation and all the information I needed before paying. Thank God it turned out to be good, and the product arrived quite early (5 days before the expected date).

So, just research properly and you’ll find a great Korean product. But as far as I can tell, with just one item I’ve fallen in love, and this has become my best recommendation for oily skin if you want protection and softness in your face.

Do you have a top fav product from Asia? Are you already into the Korean Beauty Routine? Let me know in the comments down below! And don’t forget to share this if you liked, thanks!

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